2011 Lamprey River Symposium Live Blog

I just arrived at the 4th Annual Lamprey River Symposium at the University of New Hampshire. Stay tuned on Twitter for updates about the latest research on the ecological health of the Lamprey  River and its watershed.

Update – 10:00 AM

Phil Trowbridge is discussing a new NHDES report on nitrogen pollution in the Great Bay Estuary:

Analysis of Nitrogen Loading Reductions for Wastewater Treatment Facilities and Non-Point Sources in the Great Bay Estuary Watershed

Update: 11:00 AM

Bill McDowell of UNH’s Dept. Natural Resources & the Environment is now presenting on “Long‐term water quality trends in the Lamprey River”

Update: 11:15 AM

Michelle Daley of UNH’s  Dept. Natural Resources & the Environment is now presenting on ” Declining nitrogen retention with increasing nitrogen inputs in the Lamprey and Oyster River watersheds”

Update: 11:30 AM

John Bucci of UNH’s Dept. Natural Resources & the Environment, Charlie French of the UNH Cooperative Extension, and  Steve Miller of the Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve are presenting onDetecting nitrogen sources and flow paths in the Great Bay watershed and engaging decision makers in the science”

Update: 1:25 PM

Amanda Hope, a UNH DNRE Graduate Student is discussing “Ecosystem processes in a piped stream (Pettee Brook)”

Update: 1:45 PM

– Jennifer Jacobs of UNH Civil Engineering is presenting on “Urbanization in Southeastern NH: Does it impact stream temperature?”

Update: 2:00 PM

Robert Roseen of the UNH Stormwater Center is now discussing “Stormwater management strategies for reduction of nitrogen and phosphorus loading to surface waters” and “Winter performance and maintenance of porous pavements”

Update: 2:45 PM

Ann Scholz, Graduate Student/UNH Stormwater Center, is now discussing “The path taken to remap the 100‐year Lamprey River floodplain”

Update: 3:00 PM

Dawn Genes of the LRWA is providing an “Update on the Lamprey River nomination process”

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