NH Coast launches 1st Annual Holiday Rain Barrel Sale

Portsmouth, NH – Looking for a green gift for the gardener or tree hugger in your life? The New Hampshire Coastal Protection Partnership is offering a $75 holiday gift package that includes an eco-friendly rain barrel and a one-year membership in the local nonprofit organization. The rain barrels are made locally by NH Coast’s staff and volunteers using recycled plastic food grade drums.

“Rain barrels are a great way to go green this holiday season,” says Project Coordinator David Anderson. He hopes that the sale will help to raise public awareness about a few of the lesser-known environmental benefits of rain barrels, such as their ability to help reduce run-off pollution. Stormwater run-off is a major source of water pollution in the Great Bay watershed. Rain barrels help to address this problem by containing stormwater before it can run-off.

Homeowners can also use rain barrels to save energy and reduce carbon footprints, according to Anderson. “Nationwide, about four percent of U.S. power generation is used for water supply and treatment,” he explains, quoting a 2006 Department of Energy report to Congress. “Rain barrels are a zero energy, emissions free source water that can be used for a variety of landscaping purposes.”

Proceeds from the holiday fundraiser will be used to help support NH Coast’s popular free rain barrel program. Last summer, the group hosted free “Make your own rain barrel” lessons at a number of local farmers’ markets and public events as part of a program funded by a generous from the Lamprey River Advisory Committee. Participants took home a total of 25 free rain barrels. When the program resumes next year, the group hopes to give away 100 free rain barrels.

To order one of NH Coast’s holiday gift packages, contact Dave at (603) 617-0679 or info@nhcoast.org, or visit www.nhcoast.org. Packages can be picked up at the Oyster River Middle School Holiday Bazaar in Durham on November 30th from 4 to 8 PM or in Portsmouth at the buyer’s convenience. Local delivery is available to those living in or nearby Portsmouth. General donations and business sponsorships are also welcome.

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