A family’s foresight and Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership protect 79 Acres on Great Bay in Newmarket and Durham

The full article can be accessed here:

An Enduring Gift for a Piece of Heaven on Great Bay

The excerpt below gives some  information on the exact nature of the newly protected land on Great Bay:

“The Popov and Wilmott families have protected 79 acres – including forest, fields and nearly 2,000 feet of Great Bay shoreline – thanks to their own generous donation and the Great Bay Resource Protection Partnership.

The deal involves conservation easements on two parcels owned by the family. In one, the family has donated an easement that protects a 62.4-acre portion of their woodlot straddling the Durham-Newmarket line on Bay Road. The easement allows the Popov family to continue to own or sell the land, but permanently restricts development. The easement, valued at approximately $240,000, will ultimately be transferred by the Conservancy to the N.H. Fish and Game Department.

In the second, the Conservancy has purchased on behalf of the Partnership a conservation easement on 16.7 acres owned by the family on the bay side of Bay Road. The tract includes 1,860 feet of shoreline along a small cove and salt marsh on Great Bay. The easement also includes about 9 acres of open field, a small man-made pond, 5 acres of old pasture, and 3 acres of mostly white pine forest. The Nature Conservancy will retain that easement.

Funds for the project come from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

These lands have long been a conservation priority for the Partnership because of extensive beaver flowages on the woodlot portion, and shoreline and salt marsh along Great Bay, according to Duane Hyde, director of protection for The Nature Conservancy. The easements also adjoin tracts to the north and east that have been previously protected by the Partnership.”

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