Seminar – Threats to Our Estuaries 9/8/2009


This event is hosted by the Gundalow Company (

6:00 PM  Tuesday, September 8

on the gundalow at Jackson Estuarine Lab, Adams Point 

The first program in our Fall Contemporary Coastal Issues Series features Dr. Rich Langan, of UNH, with a talk on  current threats to our estuaries and coasts, and what individuals can do to help protect and preserve our precious natural resources. The  forces of development and climate change are reshaping our nation’s coasts. Poorly planned development leads to habitat loss, decreased water quality, and dramatic fluctuations in water resources – and all of these are magnified by increasingly frequent, severe storms. Here in the seacoast, impervious surface has more than doubled in the past 15 years, with serious impact on water quality and habitat.  Dr. Langan will discuss these threats, along with actions that can be taken at the local and personal levels to prevent further degradation.

Our Contemporary Coastal Issues Series is funded by NH DES and NOAA’s office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management , under the Coastal Zone Management Act in conjunction with the NH Coastal Program


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